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codeine phosphate - controlled drug (permit required)

Catalogue Number Pack Size Price Batch Number Expiry Date
  90 200mg 111 3597 3 months from despatch
Availability Quantitative Storage Conditions Controlled Drug
Yes Yes Refrigerator (2 to 8°C) Yes
Declared Content
99.8% of C18H21NO3,H3PO4,1/2H2O
Leaflets Chromatograms
Health And Safety (More Information)
Download document - Cat_090_GB.pdf


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Monograph: co-codamol tablets, effervescent co-codamol tablets, co-codaprin tablets, codeine linctus, paediatric codeine linctus, codeine phosphate linctus, co-dydramol tablets, dihydrocodeine oral solution, morphine suppositories